Thursday, November 13, 2008

to hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour

"all knowledge is worth having" because knowledge is power. If you understand something you control it and that is something i must always have ..........control. Just one problem with that. This giant mindfuck we call life. You deluded yourself into thinking that your strong, untouchable and in control. You build up your metaphysical armor. Then when you least expect it someone finds the chink, your Achilles heel and everything comes tumbling down. You feel violated to your very core that they could see you like this and you love it. While your around them its exhilarating. A fire starts somewhere at the base of your spine and slowly it radiates outwards. The euphoria is better than any other high; but it is short lived. The minute you leave there presence the full ramifications hit you like a physical blow. If you want something that you cant provide for yourself then you pathetic, your dependent, your weak. You berate yourself and then are further enraged that your even thinking about it ........about them


the Fittest said...

Addiction - A state of imaginary worship, cultutured and condensed to a physical symptom. You like... You don't know what yopu like. But I cang uarantee that feeding the addiction will not end well for you.

paradox said...

Addiction is a mindset and I'm not even going to argue that part because it is irrelevant everything cleared up pretty quickly after we fell into bed together i got what i wanted and got over it she never wants to see me again and for a catholic school girl she has a large vocabulary of curses